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I have a friend who never walks out of a casino a loser. Even though ‘never’ is a little word which can certainly cover a lot of ground, I’m not stating it lightly. He never leaves the free online casino a loser. And according to him he never has.As curious as I am about Japanese casinos news gambling, gamblers and anything that pertains to any element of bingo gaming, I decided to follow him around for a day in a Las Vegas casino. Rather than hit the craps table, I decided to become his shadow and by lunchtime he was rather tired of my presence. After I brought to his attention that “according to my calculations” he was down about three hundred dollars, he immediately snapped at me that though that might be true, he wasn’t leaving yet. So, I made a note on a notepad that at 11:58, he was down $300.00 plus or minus a few cents.

After lunch, he walked straight up to a blackjack table and slapped down $300.00 stating “money plays”. He caught a 20 and the dealer pulled a 20. A push, and he informed the dealer to let it play and on the very next hand caught a 20 and the dealer pulled a seventeen. He took his money and strolled to the cage while informing me that he was now, “even”. I congratulated him somewhat with a challenge, “that’s great, but I want to see how you always walk out of a casino a winner at” He looked at me with a very bizarre look and didn’t comment.

After leaving the cashier’s cage, he decided to play bingo three card poker and lost about $50.00 before deciding to find another table. I saw a few friends who were on our trip with us over at the craps table and went over to say hello and by the time I came back, my buddy was down $400.00. I asked him what happened and he just shook his head. I assumed he was pretty aggravated and I thought maybe a good dose of independence might be what he needed. Right as my thoughts were drifting toward where I was going to start playing, I heard the dealer ask, “Money plays?” Yes, he was going to play the $400.00. My friend caught a 21 and the dealer caught an ace and offered, “Insurance?” He hesitated and then said, “Even money.” She had the blackjack.

As I was walking to the cage with him, he was very well pleased with the last hand at the table and said that he was tired and going to call it a day. I quickly informed him that he couldn’t leave because he wasn’t a winner yet.

He said, “Suzie, I’m a lot older than you and maybe wiser and maybe not, but you’re going to listen to me either way.” Taken aback, my ears were keen to hear what he had to say. “Anytime I have ever played in a casino, and maybe it’s just me, but there is always a point where I can walk out of here with a little more than I walked in with or break even after a few hours of entertainment.” Yes, I nodded OK, I’ll agree with that. He continued,

“Either way, I’m going to walk out of here when I’m up or when I’m even, and either way, I’m a winner.”

Later, I had time to think about my friend’s philosophy on winning. I thought of the times so many people try to win large amounts or aren’t satisfied with small, relatively insignificant wins. I guess if more of us felt the way my friend feels on the subject of winning, then the UK casinos would see a lot more people walk out winners. And who doesn’t want to leave a casino as a winner?

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