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Online Baccarat

Feeling lucky? Well, here’s another casino game based on luck and chance-the online baccarat. Believed to have been invented by an Italian money dealer named Lino Bussoli, the exact origins of baccarat remains uncertain. But like most other casino games, it has enjoyed acclaim in the French aristocracy, during the reign of Charles VIII. Much later on, the game landed on American shores, and before we know it, baccarat has become a resident Vegas game.With the advent of online casinos reviews, it has also become a much sought after game in virtual casinos, enjoying popularity not just in certain places but overseas as well.

To date, there are four variations of online baccarat. The first one is the baccarat chemin de fer (French word for ‘railway’), which is obviously the French version of the game. In this variation, the casino does not fund the game, but instead another player assumes the banker’s role, while participants wager among themselves. The banker is not the same all throughout the game though; the player-slash-banker role is passed from player to player in a counter clockwise method.

Another type of online baccarat is the baccarat banque or deux tableaux, which is slightly different from chemin de fer in a sense that the banker’s position is much more permanent in the baccarat banque. The banker’s role is also assumed by a player though, but it need not be rotated counter clockwise. The banker can waive his position by his own free will or when he has already gone bankrupt, whichever comes first.

The American baccarat, which is largely played among North American casinos, is what you will usually find in casinos across Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other casino hot spots in the United States. You can also find this variation in online casinos, along with other online games like online poker and online roulette In the American baccarat, the casino funds the game, so they also get a 5% commission from the players whenever they win. Unlike other varations of online baccarat, the player does not have to do anything here but bet on the banker, player, or tie.

The punto banco is generally the same as the American baccarat, except for small differences in the table design. This online baccarat type is also widely played across Europe and North America. It is also important to note that the punto banco operates strictly on chance alone, so one cannot rely on skills and strategies to save their game. This, of course, makes the game exciting and unpredictable, much like the online roulette. This is also in sharp contrast with chemin de fer and baccarat banque, where skill counts as a huge factor to win.

Lastly, the European version of online baccarat is played widely among the European countries. This baccarat type originated from England. Like the American version, the casino also provides the funds for the game, but one big difference lies on the options available upon counting the cards. In the European baccarat type, the player still has the option to hit or stand when his hand value totals five, unlike in the American version wherein the player is supposed to hit the card.

Playing online baccarat can be a tad complicated with all the rules governing it and all, but once you master the rules, I’m sure you’ll also find this casino game addictive and rewarding. If this is your first time playing online baccarat, try first the mini baccarat games found in many online casinos to give you a feel of how to play online baccarat.

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