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Types of Blackjack Games

The game of blackjack has three variations. They are –

1. Pontoon: It is also popular as the British blackjack and is quite popular in the UK. The prime objective in this form of blackjack is still the same, and it does not come with any kind of rigid rules to play . This is the reason why every casino prefer to add some set of own rules in order to make it more fun and entertaining. In the game of pontoon, up to 8 players are allowed to join the game.

2. Spanish 21: This variation of blackjack was founded in the year 1995, and has turned out to be quite successful as well. The reason behind its popularity is the fact that the game was tailored keeping in mind to offer more advantage to the players. So, it became an instant hit among the players. But, why it is called Spanish 21? Well, it is because of the number of cards used in the game. In this variation, you will not find the tens; this is known as Spanish deck.

3. Perfect Pairs: Without any doubt, you can easily term it is as the most exciting form of blackjack games. In addition, it is quite easy to play online casinos dk as well. So, what is the reason behind? Well, it is because perfect pairs offer more than one chance to win the game. In this variation, you need to create the perfect pairs, for which you will need 6 decks of playing cards. However, in some online casino you will find that only 4 decks of cards are provided to complete the task.

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