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Online Keno

If you enjoy playing in your local lottery, then you will definitely enjoy playing the online keno. Learning how to play online keno is really a no-brainer, considering that it only involves picking out numbers that you think will be selected by the computer randomly. And that’s basically it. Aside from knowing how to read numbers, there is no other skill needed to play this game, since it relies on luck and chance. Lots of luck, actually.

No matter how easy this game might sound, it is said that keno once saved an ancient empire during war. Moreover, the game was so popular in ancient China (where it originated) that it actually helped raise funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China. Sounds amazing, right?

Winning in an online keno game is not that easy. Just like online roulette and online craps, no amount of skill can guarantee you a million bucks in online keno at With over three quintillion possible combinations that might show up, you need tons of luck to be able to hit the jackpot. But don’t worry, because you can still win even if you don’t get all the numbers randomly selected by the computer. In fact, you can still win a fairly high amount of money even if you don’t get the exact combination-it all depends on your wager. The range of your bets is generally between $1 and $5.

How do you play online keno? Well, first you receive a ticket, also called the keno board, which contains 80 numbers. You then predict which of those numbers are going to come out in the round by marking your keno board. Since this is a game of chance you have the option to have your computer select a maximum of 10 numbers for you randomly. In online keno, the number turns green once you select it, and you have the option of deselecting it before the game starts. Also, your potential payoff is shown at the corner of your screen as you select numbers.

The next step is to choose the amount of your bet in You can choose among $1, $3, and $5. After that, you will be given the options on how many online keno games you’d like to play consecutively, and, if you want to repeat your selected numbers in the next round, choose the ‘repeat bet’ option. A number that matches the computer’s chosen number is called a ‘hit,’ and your goal is to get as many hits as possible in the 20 computer-generated numbers. And then you’re ready to play online keno!

The steps are really simple, so there is no reason for you to just stare at your computer screen and do nothing. Try playing online keno, as there are lots of online casino PT offering this game and other casino games, like Prime Casino, Casino Tropez, Luck Ace Casino, Cameo Casino, and Golden Palace Casino, just to mention a few. Plus, you only need a maximum of $5 to play this game, and you can actually bet as low as a dollar, so losing does not hurt your pockets that much.So, what are you waiting for? Choose a casino and play online keno!

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