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The Rationale behind Online Casinos offering Blackjack Bonuses

Many people firmly believe that Blackjack is not merely a game of chance. And it is not without reason that their belief is so affirmative. It is true that the game of Blackjack has many statistical implications. There are many proven methods by means of which the house edge in blackjack can be reduced significantly. So why it is that online casino offer bonuses when the odds are already stacked against them?

The answer is simple really; at no point have we said that the odds are stacked against the house. The house edge can merely be reduced significantly but the house still has the edge which also depends on the successful implementation of the statistical techniques by the players. Assuming that they do so and the house edge gets reduced, then the volume of profits being high would largely depend on the number of players playing at the casino. Whereas one may think that offering huge bonuses in Blackjack is not in the best interest of the online casinos; on the contrary, offering huge bonuses lures more and more players into the casino which in turn attracts more and more profits by the casinos. In a bizarre way, you can say that offering huge bonuses offsets the effect of the reduction in house edge impinged on the casino through techniques such as card counting and ace tracking and helps maintain optimized profits.

While this is the main reason that a casino would want to offer huge bonuses to blackjack players in particular, it is not the only one applicable to poker goers in general. The count of online casinos is ever on the rise so the competition is dangerously stiff. In order to lure players to an online casino, it would often have to present itself as the more lucrative out of the lot. That’s where higher bonuses come into play as higher bonuses obviously make a casino more lucrative. Moreover, blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world so having high bonuses on blackjack lures players into an online casino following which it can promote other games to the player.

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