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Blackjack Tips for Playing Like Pro

When it comes to playing this very exciting game at online casinos, there are now many different kinds and variation of it to choose from. Many spots on the Internet have one on one – you against the dealer with no other players in the room and many have tables of up to five or more players. If you like fast play – you want to go one on one pro speed.

1. If you want to extend your playing time, you want to play at a crowded table . Just remember, the faster you play, the faster you could fly through your bankroll or budget. If you like speed and are on a limited budget, you obviously want to stick to the lower limit tables.

2. Most online blackjack tables have $1 tables ; a few have even cheaper tables, but not often. Some places have wild card games and others only provide classic blackjack. If you are playing at South African online casino , you will find interestingly themed blackjack games. Most real money games are less complicated than the themed games you see at free sites. Whatever your preference – this is one of the most exciting games to play whether you are online gambling with real money or playing just for free.

3. It is not recommended to play blackjack game by a hunch. Meaning, if you think you will hit a 21 on the next hand because you haven't hit one in many hands, you are playing by a hunch. It is not recommended that you really use any other strategy with this game other than the basic strategy you can find. Any other blackjack strategy is just not going to pan out for you in the long run. Playing hunches can work only for a short time - a couple of hands really. If you play any betting game by essentially guessing what will happen next, you are playing on a whim. Many times, whim players will double down on an 11 one time and not do it the next time they get an 11. This is hunch playing and it may work a few times, but not for the long haul. The basic strategy of this game provides the best recommendations for this exciting game according to statistics and probability. Do not be a hunch player and expect to win a lot. Sometimes it is fun to throw caution to the wind and many of you will say that it is what gaming and betting are all about. Play safer and your money will go farther.

4.There is another way some people play blackjack online. The no bust strategy is when players never take an additional card if they have any possibility of busting with it. This means they never hit with hard 12 or higher. The attraction to this strategy or method of game play is apparent. It is very frustrating to hit on a 13 against the dealer's 7, bust your hand, and then watch as the dealer proceeds to bust his own hand. People who love this method of playing Blackjack many times get stuck with limited understanding. They understand that much of the dealer's advantage comes from winning double busts, and they submit this strategy as a way to negate that advantage. But, a player loses a lot if he never tries to improve his hand when he has a chance of busting. See, this really means that your only hope is that the dealer busts half of the time. Dealers only bust about 28.2% of the time - that is not enough to make this strategy work when online gambling - stick to the basic strategy it pays better.

Use the above mentioned tips when playing blackjack online and win money effortlessly!

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